7 Best Networking Tips for Finding a Job

Good networking equals great opportunities. Follow our top tips to network effectively while finding a job!

7 Best Networking Tips for Finding a Job

Networking is the key to finding the right job for you. Even though it might feel daunting to begin with, it’s much easier than you think.

Before we jump into the tips, let’s take a look at why networking is so important.

Why Is Networking Important?

Building relationships while job hunting is important for several reasons including:

  • Getting insights into the company’s culture — This is the easiest way to figure out whether you’ll fit in and enjoy the environment.
  • Gaining a company contact — If you decide to apply for a job role, it’s incredibly helpful to have some “inside” who you can chat to.
  • Obtaining recommendations — If you make a good impression, they might recommend you to their boss!

7 Best Networking Tips for Finding a Job

#1 Brave Face-to-Face Interactions

Networking from behind your computer screen only is an extremely tempting idea (we’ve been there, don’t worry). But asking your friend from your dream company out to lunch instead of simply emailing them is a much better way to enforce connections.

While you’re sat eating your meal, you can discuss personal things and bring up the position you’re after.

#2 Be Fearless

The introverts among us find it intensely scary to network. However, to do so effectively, you need to be fearless and try to unleash an extrovert side you didn’t know you had.

Attempt to speak to someone for longer than normal or insert yourself into a chatting group at your next work party. It may also help to prepare answers and questions beforehand for those of you of a nervous disposition.

#3 Be Patient

Building strong, lasting relationships takes a lot of time so you’ll need to practice patience.

To help speed up the process, asking for informational meetings with the company you want to work for is a good way to go. Not to mention the lunches and coffee “dates” you can go on with existing connections.

#4 Don’t Focus on Your Resume

If you’re new to networking, focusing on selling yourself might be the goal. But being relationship-focused instead will allow you to reap much bigger rewards. Be likable first, show professional worthiness second.

#5 Leverage Social Media

To maximize your efforts, use social media to strengthen relationships and start new ones.

At times, having face-to-face interactions with key company employees isn’t always possible. The internet is a fantastic tool to leverage in these times.

#6 Follow-Up With Your Networking Connections

Upon making the first contact, always be sure to follow up. This will show you’re gracious, courteous, and approachable (all invaluable qualities).

#7 Think About the Quality of Your Network

If you’re networking a lot but nothing comes of your efforts, it’s time to consider the quality of your network. Evaluate the weaknesses and strengths. Then, you can decide how you should adapt it to fit your future wants, needs, and dreams.

You don’t want to miss opportunities or strengthen connections that are ultimately holding you back!